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Who is a Sailing Tour For?

Are you planning a visit to Hawaii? If so, you might have signed up for a sailing tour. Even though most people will enjoy a sailing trip in the tropics, some might enjoy it more than others. Who might enjoy sailing tours the best?

Those Who Like the Sun

If you love the sun, you’ll enjoy sailing. While on the boat, you get to bask under the sun’s warm rays. You can get a tan, see the open waters for miles, and stay warm. Of course, you should wear UVA or UVB sunscreen to protect yourself against potential sunburn.

Sunset and evening cruises are ideal for couples who want to sail on a more romantic getaway and avoid the mid-day heat. Special occasions, like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve tours, are perfect for your special someone or ringing in the new year with festive fireworks.

Those Who Like the Water

When you get too hot, you can jump in the water! If you love the water, you’ll love sailing. In the tropics, the water is crystal clear. Depending on the time of the year you visit, you could also go snorkeling underwater for a better view of marine life. You can see right down to the bottom of the ocean, seeing the unique animals and plants of the sea. If you focus on the horizon, you might spot a few dolphins and whales. Sail with an expert guide who knows where they hide!

Alternatively, if you prefer to stay above water and on the boat, the ocean’s rolling waves make for a fantastic relaxing cruise experience. Some people are prone to getting seasick; if that sounds like you, consider taking some motion sickness medicine before going out on your tours!

Keep in mind that many sailing tours do beach loading, so make sure you dress appropriately since you’ll be getting wet!

Those Who Like Exploration

Finally, anyone who enjoys exploration and adventures will also have a great time sailing. If you’re ready to enjoy a great time out on the waters experiencing new environments, seeing new creatures, and meeting new people, then a sailing tour is suitable for you! What could be better than mixing in exploration with some relaxation topped with good drinks and food?

Sail with a professional tour guide to customize your Maui sailing trip to your preferences to maximize your enjoyment on the water. Contact Kai Kanani Sailing for snorkeling and sailing tours and charters for your Maui trip!

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