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What Makes Snorkeling Unique?

Snorkeling in Maui with Kai Kanani allows travelers to revel in the absolute splendor of a technicolor underwater world. What makes snorkeling unique in Maui is the ability to view turtles, monk seals on the beach, and vibrant fish like Achilles Tang, Black Durgon, Christmas Wrasse, Forceps Butterflyfish, and other sea life on both sides of Honokeana Bay and near the Molokini Crater. Going with a guide is helpful because access in some areas is rocky.

Molokini is known for its crystal-clear water and exotic, remote location. The western side of Maui features protected bays that are sheltered from the strong winds by physical landmass. The unique formation of the Bay protects wildlife. The island draws snorkelers and divers from all over the world for this reason. It is one of the few geographic locations that offers such tremendous snorkeling.

Even seasoned snorkelers who have dived in Raja Ampat, the Galapagos Islands, Coral Triangle, Palau, and the Great Barrier Reef love Maui snorkeling. There’s no better way to explore and experience Maui than to snorkel your way around the coast.

Choose beginner snorkeling spots like Kahekili Beach and Olowalu to induce euphoria-inducing calm, or for experts only, try Five Graves, ‘Āhihi Bay, or La Perouse Bay.

The best snorkeling is in the protected waters of Honolua Bay and Mokulē‘ia Bay, part of a Marine Life Conservation District. In winter, Honolua is unswimmable due to the big waves, but conditions are perfect for snorkeling in summer. It’s one of the only protected bays in Maui. You’ll want to dive out close to Kalaepiha Point, where the water gets deep enough to see all the splendor. Kai Kanani has a special license that gives them access to the Crater.

Kai Kanani is one of the few catamaran charters that take you to Maui’s most beautiful sea life. We’ll provide all the snorkel gear, from diving mask to GoPro, and complimentary food and drinks for your adventure. For exclusive early-bird access around Molokini Crater, plan your snorkeling trip with Kai Kanani today.

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