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Maui & Molokini Fish Guide

Molokini Crater and the other South Maui snorkeling locations Kai Kanani visits are abundant with beautiful reef fish and other marine life. Marine naturalists aboard Kai Kanani’s Maui snorkel adventure tours love to help guests snorkel and identify some of the over 250 species of reef fish that live at Molokini Crater and neighboring snorkel sites.

What makes Maui so great for snorkeling is the environment itself. Geographically, Maui was formed from two volcanoes. Volcanic craters are often fantastic for creating clear and calm bodies of water that make for excellent sights while snorkeling! This allows Maui to have several beaches with clear bodies of amazing water!

When you factor in the warm, tropical climate and a truly unique selection of fish to see, it’s easy to understand what makes Maui countless hours of fun! If you want to extend your experience even more, you can even book a tour to go straight to all the best snorkeling spots at the best times.

Here are some of the reef fish that you may encounter on a Kai Kanani Maui snorkeling tour. Join Kai Kanani for one of our Molokini snorkeling tours today!

a close up of a fish

Yellow Tang

a close up of a fish

Arc Eye Hawkfish

a colorful fish

Parrot Fish

a fish swimming under water


a fish swimming under water

Orange Spine Unicornfish

chart, surface chart

Yellowtail Coris

a fish swimming under water

Raccoon Butterflyfish

a colorful fish

Longnose Butterflyfish

a fish swimming under water

Bluefin Trevally

a body of water

Hawaiian Octopus

a close up of a fish

Whale Shark

a group of fish in the water

Manta Ray

a close up of an animal

Colorful Invertebrates

a group of fish underwater

Sergeant Major Fish

a close up of a fish

Achilles Tang

underwater view of a coral
Angel Fish