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Waiʻānapanapa State Park

Waiʻānapanapa State Park is hailed as being one of the most beautiful sites along the Road to Hana. It offers some of the most stunning panoramic views in Hawaii and teeming with wildlife and rich, natural vegetation. It is also home to Pa‘iola, a black sand beach, which isn’t really made up of sand but small, glistening, black pebbles. The pebbles aren’t the only thing that glistens. In fact, the very name “Waiʻānapanapa” means “glistening waters,” with “wai” meaning “water” and “ānapanapa” meaning “to sparkle.”

Tourists can come to Waiʻānapanapa State Park to take pictures and send a postcard back home. This is also an excellent beach to hike, swim, or even cliff dive! However, be advised the waters can be a bit rough, so if you are not an experienced swimmer, it’s best to lie out on the black sand and take in the sunshine. Camping is also available at Waiʻānapanapa State Park. Reservations to visit the park, not just for camping, must be made 30 days in advance, but it is well worth the wait to visit this state park. Missing reservations is not an option, and there are several fees to pay for parking as well.

For locals of Hawaii, visiting this East Maui getaway is free. Of all the parks in East Maui, Waiʻānapanapa is one of the most visited as it also has famous caves and even a blowhole located 150 yards from the main parking lot. The short walk can yield some amazing results! Tour guides help visitors find the caves since the caves can be hidden from view depending on the tide.

From exploring Waiʻānapanapa’s blowhole to seeing its hidden caves, lying on its black sand beach, and hiking or biking along its paths, there’s lots to do in one of Hawaii’s best state parks! For only a $10 parking fee for tourists, this East Maui gem is well worth the cost.

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