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Garden of Eden Arboretum

The Garden of Eden Arboretum is an affordable expedition on the Hana Highway in Haiku, Hawaii. The botanical gardens are spread across 26 acres with trails, picnic spots, and other points of interest throughout. No reservations are required, making for an easy and impulsive fit into anyone’s schedule. The 2.5 miles of trails also make for a worthwhile but manageable hike through this tropical plot of land.

Development of this property started in 1991, but the gardens didn’t open to the public until 1996. The gardens are recognized for their conservation practices, which don’t use pesticides. In addition to the curated Botanics of the acreage are several other services, which include an art gallery, rappelling tours, and a cafe.

Hikers will be blessed with a carefully crafted walk through the grounds of the Garden of Eden. Not only are the native plant life of Hawaii’s tropics on display but select exotic plants from the tropical climates of the world can be found here. Some of the highlights on this trail are the 100-year-old mango tree and the banana patch.

The Garden of Eden also provides access to the restricted Puohokamoa waterfall. Views from the trail are some of the most excellent features of the walk, but anyone wanting a closer look can schedule a rappelling tour (through a third-party entity) and rappel down the waterfall and surrounding cliffs directly.

There is also a duck pond where visitors are able to feed a variety of birds that have made this place their home. Children are especially fond of this stop, getting to interact with some of the local wildlife.

With 700 plants labeled on the premises, there is plenty for visitors to take in. Even people who have visited before will be able to find something new to enjoy or learn on subsequent visits. A portion of the entry fee also supports the nature conservatory, adding to the reasons to take in the beauty of this property. Views of the ocean and the well-maintained jungle environment of this property make it a must-see for visitors and locals alike.

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