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The Purpose of Fins for Snorkeling

Whenever you head out on your next exciting snorkeling adventure, you’ll be equipped with three critical pieces of equipment. The first is a diving mask – as part of the whole point is to put you up close and personal with everything under the water, it stands to reason that you’d like to see this as it happens. The next is the snorkel itself, which is critical as you need to breathe even though you’re submerged.

The final component is a fin set, also sometimes referred to as flippers. You might think these are optional if you’re not an experienced snorkeler. In reality, they have an essential role in the proceedings worth exploring.

Fins and Snorkeling: Your Overview

Fins are an essential part of the snorkeling process because they allow you to swim and do so efficiently. If you’re suddenly hit with a heavy current or even a wave, you might be able to stabilize yourself – but you’re probably going to tire yourself out in the process. Fins help prevent that from happening.

Note that fins are also necessary for giving you the control required to get around coral, wildlife, and anything else you happen to encounter during your time in the deep blue sea. Therefore, they’re an essential part of snorkeling regardless of how strong a swimmer you happen to be.

If you’d like to learn more about why fins are such an essential part of the snorkeling experience, or if you’d like to talk about your own snorkeling needs with a professional in a bit more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Kai Kanani Sailing today.

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