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Is Renting Snorkel Gear Safe?

Snorkeling the Molokini Crater is one of the best experiences you can have while visiting Maui. You can see over 250 species of fish in the clearest water in all of Hawaii. When you think about planning your snorkeling excursion, you may wonder how safe it’s to rent snorkel gear.

Renting snorkel gear is safe when the gear is properly maintained, cleaned, and disinfected between uses. You also want to ensure that your snorkeling gear fits you well. To ensure your snorkeling gear is safe for you to use, you should check your gear before using it. You want to look for any visible damage to all of your gear. It should be in good condition and look like it has been well-maintained.

The Rental Procedure

You should always try on your gear to ensure it fits properly. You don’t want any leaks. The mask should fit securely to your face. You must always follow instructions. We will provide you with instructions and guidelines for the proper use of the equipment.

When using the equipment, if you have any problems with your masks, or you think safety is a concern, you should tell us immediately.

You always have the opportunity to buy equipment including a mask instead of renting them. When you buy your equipment, it gives you a broader range of options including designs and brands.

When you take a snorkeling adventure with us, it’s critical that you stay in the area and follow directions. We want to keep you safe while you are having fun in the water.

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