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Can You Sail at Night?

To those who haven’t gone sailing before, there can often be confusion about whether or not night sailing is a good idea. The appeal of sailing under the moon with nothing but the boat lights guiding your way is enticing and offered by many different touring companies across the globe. Night sailing can be a wonderful experience and a beautiful way to see the world, provided that certain safety measures are met.

Well-Trained Crew

In order to plan for a night sail, the crew needs to set a watch. Because you are in the dark, someone on the sailboat needs to keep an eye out for potential obstacles. Touring companies should have well-trained crew members who are experienced in running cruises and tours at night in order to provide the best experience.

Avoid Confusion

To sail at night, you need to use a high amount of power to run your electrical equipment and your lights. While there is certain to be less traffic out on the water overnight, there is still the risk of collisions. Bright lights can disorient crew members while boating and even a full moon can add confusion and reflection over time. Don’t plan on bringing flash cameras or other sources of light on your night sailing trip.

Enjoy Yourself

Night sailing can be an unforgettable experience. The open ocean at night with limited vehicles, and if you take care to stay safe during your night sailing, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and prepare for more overnight cruises in the future. Have fun and enjoy yourself during your new night sailing trip.

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