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What Does Bluewater Sailboat Mean?

If you plan on going sailing during your trip to the Hawaiian Islands, you need to make sure you sign up for the right adventure. One option is a bluewater sailboat with a professional guide. What does this mean?

Your Sailboat Can Handle the Open Ocean

Bluewater sailing means that you are on a boat that can handle the open ocean. Sailing close to shore is very different from sailing in the ocean. Once you get far enough from shore, the continental shelf drops off rapidly, creating very different water conditions. Open sea cruising requires a specific type of boat, and a bluewater sailboat can handle water on the open ocean.

You Do Not Have The Same Support

Sailing on the open ocean also implies a lack of support. Because not every boat can handle the open water, you might have to wait longer if you have an emergency. If you stay close to shore, a small boat might come and help you quickly if you have problems; however, once you get to the open ocean, not all boats can come and help you. Therefore, you might have to wait for a larger boat from the Coast Guard if you need assistance on the ocean.

Pick the Right Type of Sailing

Bluewater sailing is just one of the many types of sailing you might want to do when you travel to the islands. Or, you might want to stick with coastal sailing. This means that you will always sail in sight of land. If you want to try bluewater sailing, consider signing up for a trip with a professional. A guide understands where the best sights are located, and he or she can make sure you maximize your chances of spotting amazing plants and animals!

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