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What Kind of Boats Are Used for Whale Watching?

There are lots of beautiful animals surrounding the Hawaiian Islands, and one of the most popular sights is giant whales. Therefore, you may want to sign up for a whale-watching tour. At the same time, you must make sure you have the right equipment, and this includes your boat. If you sign up for a trip to go whale watching, what type of boats are used?

The Requirements

Whale-watching boats have to meet several requirements. They have to be large enough to carry multiple people, but they also need to be quiet enough that they do not spook any of the animals. Even though most whale-watching boats have a motor, it cannot be too loud, or it could scare away the animals. The motor has to be strong enough to get the boat away from the shore.

Catamarans Are the Most Common Types

Most whale-watching tours take place on a catamaran. This is a small boat, but it has a relatively powerful motor. Therefore, the guide can turn it on to get the boat a few miles away from shore, which is where the whales tend to hang out. In addition, because a catamaran has an open top, it is easy for people to take pictures of the whales during the tour.

Sign Up for a Professional Whale Watching Adventure

Even though a catamaran is the most common type of boat, other types of boats could be used as well. For example, there are some tours that might use a zodiac boat instead. Ultimately, it is up to the guide, and each type of boat has its benefits and drawbacks. If you want to see as many whales as possible, make sure you sign up for a professional tour! That way, you have access to all the best whale-watching spots!

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