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Maui Nui Luau

No visit to Maui is complete without attending a traditional Hawaiian luau. Luaus are typically gracious, colorful events that showcase the best of Hawaiian culture. Those who have never attended a luau before will take away incredible memories, while those who have been to them previously are always happy to return.

Luaus traditionally take place on the beach against a backdrop of a stunning tropical sunset, with music, dancing, and delicious Hawaiian cuisine being the major players in the experience. Luaus are more than just typical beach parties, however, and understanding their cultural significance helps those in attendance get the most from the experience. Here’s a brief synopsis of what luaus mean to native Hawaiians:

Luaus Mark Special Occasions

Luaus evolved as community gatherings for the purpose of marking special occasions. The occasion could be as significant as a war victory over another tribe, the birth of a child to prominent parents, or a wedding between community residents. It could also signify material achievements such as finishing a new canoe or building a new house. The largest luaus, however, were royal luaus.

The Hawaiian Phrase for Luau is ‘Gathering Meal’

The traditional Hawaiian word for luau is ‘aha ‘aina,’ which roughly translates to ‘gathering meal.’ Typical luau food includes kalua pig, poi, and lomi salmon. The fun doesn’t stop with the feasting, however: Hawaiian luaus are also rich in music and dancing. Historically, luaus have been large, lavish events where everyone in the community was welcome. Modern luaus, particularly those meant to appeal to the tourist trade, tend to be smaller in scope. Nonetheless, feasting, music, and dancing remain at the center stage of these affairs. no matter the size.

Maui Nui Luau provides all the fabulously theatrical elements of the traditional luau, such as hula dances, orchid leis, and expertly prepared fare on a beachside setting. The events are professionally hosted to ensure all attendees have a good time. The dramatic torch dance that serves as the grand finale is a memory most people carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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