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Kalepolepo Beach Park

There are lots of beautiful locations on Maui, and Kalepolepo Beach Park is at the top of the list for residents and visitors alike. This is a historically significant Hawaiian fishpond with a quiet beach for people to sit back and relax. Even though it’s out of the way for those staying further south on the island, many people describe Kalepolepo Beach Park as feeling like a private beach.

Kalepolepo Beach Park Is Home to an Ancient Hawaiian Fishpond

Kalepolepo Beach Park is one of three ancient fishponds in the area. The fishpond itself fronts the beach, walling off the water to create a shallow pool. Another interesting historical fact about Kalepolepo Beach Park is that the water in the pond itself is fed by a natural spring that sits just under the water’s surface. Even ancient Hawaiian culture has understood this, which is why this location was reserved only for Hawaiian royalty during historic times.

There Are Numerous Swimming Opportunities at Kalepolepo Beach Park

Recreational opportunities abound at Kalepolepo Beach Park. For example, lots of people love to go snorkeling and scuba diving to take a look at the variety of plants and animals that live beneath the surface. This is also a nice location for a barbecue, as there are several grills in the park itself. Plenty of other people love to simply relax and watch the sunset. Volunteers pour countless hours of effort ensuring Kalepolepo Beach Park is the paradise residents and visitors know and love today.

Kick Back and Relax at Kalepolepo Beach Park

Even though Maui is known for its numerous Hawaiian beaches, Kalepolepo Beach Park is one of the most popular. It’s worth the journey for those staying farther south on the island. This park is still a gem that many people don’t know about, making it a quieter beach. The sand is soft, the water is refreshing, and the skies are blue. Why not go for a visit?

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