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Lava Fields

One of the most exciting things about Hawaii is the abundance of lava fields located on the Hawaiian islands. The lava fields of La Perouse Bay are located in South Maui and are a must-see for anyone who visits the area.

Visitors to Wailea will be transported to a world of dark, jagged rock stretching into the distance, with goats moving nimbly through it.

There are plenty of viewing points where you can pull off the road close to Big Beach, but a stretch through the lava field near La Perouse Bay is temporarily closed. Drive slowly and carefully around curves because the road gets narrower and curvier.

Reviews From Visitors

The 2021 reviews of visitors to the lava fields gush with awe, inspired by the meeting of the lava fields and the ocean. Cars have to share the road due to narrow passages in and out of parking lots, but visitors didn’t seem to mind. However, you can also see people fishing and snorkeling in the calmer inlets along the way.

“We went to Le Perouse Bay after hearing about it at a Park Ranger Geology presentation at Haleakala National Park. The relatively recent volcanic beach is rocky but worth the narrow drive to the end of the road. There is a trail on volcanic rock that goes to the beach,” according to one visitor who reviewed the site on

The area receives highly rated reviews from visitors, many of whom talk about breathtaking mountain views.

Other Fun Activities Nearby

Kai Kanani Sailing offers snorkeling and sailing cruises in the Wailea, HI, area, and there are plenty of beach rentals nearby to serve as a base of operation for an adventurous week of exploring lava fields, sailing, snorkeling, and enjoying Hawaii’s vast beauty. Bringing along hiking and snorkeling gear can save you time and money, as buying local comes at a cost.

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