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Ahihi-Kinau Marine Preserve

When people think about Hawaii, they usually think about the beautiful ecosystem and environment that covers the landscape. One of the top highlights is Ahihi-Kinau Marine Preserve, which is located in Maui. The entire preserve is more than 1,200 acres and is known for its unparalleled plants and animals. It has been designated a nature reserve since 1973 and is consistently rated as one of the top nature preserves not only in the islands but also across the country. The Ahihi-Kinau Marine Preserve welcomes countless visitors every year who come to explore the numerous plants and animals the preserve has to offer.

While the Ahihi-Kinau Marine Preserve has many attractions, the biggest attraction is the coral reef. The reef is one of the top reasons why visitors and residents alike visit the preserve, and it is surveyed regularly to make sure it is still healthy. A recent survey showed that it is one of the few reefs in the islands that is not in decline. The coral reefs are in decline because of climate change and changes in the health of the ocean, but the reef at the Ahihi-Kinau Marine Preserve is still healthy overall.

There are many plants protected at the nature preserve as well, such as naio, wiliwili, and native cotton. These plants are scattered across the preserve, but the health of these ecosystems has been threatened in recent years by changes in the environment. While steps are being taken to protect these plants, more has to be done to protect these ecosystems from harm.

Overall, the preserve remains one of the top highlights of Maui. Those who are looking to explore everything the islands have to offer should make an effort to visit the preserve. The preserve is open from 5:30 AM to 7:30 PM every day and is easily accessible from the main roads on the island. It is important to wear sunscreen to protect against sunburn, and visitors should also bring water to stay hydrated while exploring the plants outside. Try to bring a camera to snap a few pictures as well.

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