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Lahainaluna High School

Lahainaluna High School is a public high school in Hawaii on the island of Maui. The school serves the city of Lahaina and includes students from grades 9 to 12. In addition, the school boards some of its students. The school was founded in 1831 by Protestant missionaries, and it was named after the local Seminary. Some of the first missionaries arrived in 1823 and spread the word of the gospel. In the middle of the 19th century, it switched from a missionary school to a public school, and it would eventually become part of the greater system of the University of Hawaii. Lahainaluna High School is one of the strongest public high schools in the system.

Today, the school has a wide variety of classes and academics. The school has a myriad of Advanced Placement classes, which students can take for college credit. Students are also paired with advisors that help them select classes that align with their future goals. Lahainaluna High School also has numerous clubs with faculty advisers and student leaders. Some of the most popular clubs at Lahainaluna High School include the Anime Club, the Hawaiian Club, the Japanese Club, and the Health Occupation Students of America Club.

Lahainaluna High School also has several sports teams. The mascot is the Lunas, and the school offers numerous sports, including baseball, basketball for boys and girls, cheerleading, football, golf for boys and girls, soccer for boys and girls, softball, swimming for boys and girls, and rowing. Recently, the girls’ basketball team placed third in the state tournament.

Lahainaluna High School seeks to strike a balance between the modern development of Hawaii and the rich traditions of the school. The staff members seek to keep the classes small to ensure students have plenty of attention from the educators, and the parents are encouraged to stay involved in the academic, athletic, and social development of the students. The school publishes newsletters regularly to keep everyone up to date on the development of the school, and there is a local student newspaper that allows everyone to express themselves.

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