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Kahului Airport

Kahului Airport is one of the largest airports on the Hawaiian Islands. The airport code is OGG, and it has operated since 1952. The vast majority of flights that come into Kahului Airport arrive from the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, located in Honolulu. The local area is one of the most heavily trafficked air travel lanes in the United States, serving more than 1.63 million passengers every year.

The airport code itself was named after one of the pioneers of aviation, Bertram J. Hogg. He was a native of the Hawaiian Islands who worked for Hawaiian Airlines himself.

A Brief History of Kahului Airport (OGG)

Before the outbreak of World War II, air travel throughout the islands was relatively limited. During World War II, it was necessary to build more airports on the Hawaiian islands for military purposes. As a result, the construction of the Naval Air Station in Kahului started in 1942. Even though the project was put on hold briefly, the Kahului Airport moved from military operations to commercial airline operations in 1952. Since that time, the airport has expanded rapidly, serving multiple types of aircraft and operating countless flights throughout the year.

Destinations Served by Kahului Airport

Even though the vast majority of the flights that come into Kahului Airport come from Honolulu, numerous other destinations are accessible as well. For example, the airport regularly has flights to and from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Denver, Portland, Seattle, and Phoenix. As there is more demand for the services provided by Kahului Airport, it is possible more destinations could be added in the future. This may open doors to other visitors who want to explore the scenic beaches of the region.

Airlines Serving Kahului Airport

Hawaiian Airlines is the largest airline to operate out of this airport. Other airlines have airport gates as well, including Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and American Airlines. Even though the airport is smaller than the one in Honolulu, it still has multiple airline carriers. Other airlines rotate through the airport sparingly.

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