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Kamaliʻi Elementary School

Kamaliʻi Elementary School is an elementary school located in Kihei, HI 96753. The school serves students from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. It has just under 500 students enrolled. The academics at Kamaliʻi Elementary School are strong. Most students are either at or above the targeted grade proficiency level in math. Most students are also at or above the target proficiency level in reading as well. The school is diverse, with more than half of the students being from a minority background. The school’s male-to-female ratio is relatively even. The student-to-teacher ratio is 15:1, which resembles other schools in the district.

Students at Kamaliʻi Elementary School receive a well-rounded education. As students get older, they become exposed to more subjects. Students take classes in English, reading, writing, math, science, and history. The curriculum and topics are reviewed every year to make sure students are receiving the best possible education. Approximately a quarter of the students at the school come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. In total, the school has 32 full-time teachers and one student counselor.

Students are also exposed to extracurricular activities. Students take math, music, and physical education classes. Students also have the opportunity to play sports.

Academic goals for students include teaching them how to think and ask questions about the world. The school nurtures inquisitive problem solvers using a comprehensive, integrated, and innovative education. Teachers guide students to tackle the world with confidence, encouraging them to follow their passions.

Overall, students at the school receive a well-rounded education. Social development is essential to the staff at Kamaliʻi Elementary School. Students are encouraged to interact with one another and learn from each other. Students from different grade levels regularly mix to get them to learn from one another. Parents have the opportunity to provide feedback to the school regularly. Teachers encourage parents to take an active role in the education of their children. At the end of the year, the staff members collect feedback from students and teachers and improve the school’s curriculum accordingly.

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