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What is the first thing we should do before putting on the snorkel?

If you are excited to go snorkeling, you need to make sure all of the equipment is working properly. Even though you will be focused on your snorkel, you must make sure the rest of the equipment fits well. The first thing you should do is fit the mask over your eyes. Make sure the mask is firm against your face. It should not let in any water.

Place the strap over your head, press the mask against your face, and then dunk your head under the water. Make sure there are no leaks. If the mask is leaking, you may want to try tightening the strap. If that does not work, you may need to get another mask.

Practice Blowing Water Out of the Snorkel

Before you head out on your adventure, practice blowing water out of the snorkel. Even though the tip of the snorkel will be above the surface of the water for a lot of the adventure, you may want to dive underwater to take a closer look at the animals and plants.

When this happens, water will get in your snorkel, so remember to hold your breath. Then, when you return to the surface, blow the water out of the snorkel. If you can’t get it all out, you may need to take the snorkel out of your mouth and dump it out of the water. It will take a few practice tries to get used to this technique, so you may want to practice before the adventure begins.

Relax and Have Fun!

Finally, when you go snorkeling, remember to relax and have fun. You will probably see a lot of plants and animals you haven’t seen before, so take time to appreciate everything you spot!

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