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Does a sailboat always have the right of way?

If you want to enjoy the outdoors during your tropical vacation, you might be thinking about going sailing. Sailing is a great way to spend time outside, get some exercise, and explore marine life. You need to put safety first when you operate a sailboat, and this means understanding the rules about the right of way.

Sailboats Always Have Right of Way

Regardless of whether you are operating a sailboat or a motorboat, remember that a sailboat always has the right of way. This means that a sailboat is never the vessel that should have to change direction if there is an oncoming motorboat. This is because sailboats are much harder to steer.

If you are operating a sailboat, you are at the mercy of the wind. You may have a very difficult time quickly changing directions. On the other hand, a motorboat can change direction very quickly.

What If There Are Two Sailboats Crossing Paths With Each Other?

If there are multiple sailboats crossing paths, the rules can be a bit different. If one sailboat is getting ready to pass and overtake another sailboat, the boat in front has the right-of-way. The boat that is overtaking the other sailboat is responsible for changing direction if necessary. If one sailboat is making a turn into the path of another sailboat, the sailboat that is going straight has the right-of-way.

Consider Working With a Professional Guide

There are a lot of rules to know when it comes to operating a sailboat. If you are visiting the tropics, you may want to consider reaching out to a professional guide who can operate a sailboat for you. They can also show you the best spots to check out the scenery.

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