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Redline Rafting

Are you interested in experiencing a Kihei snorkeling adventure? Our tours allow you to experience the vibrant life on the coastline of Molokini, an 18-acre, crescent-shaped volcanic cone island off the coast of Maui. Because the waters of Molokini are so clear, Red Line Rafting can take you to snorkeling locations featuring some of the farthest snorkeling visibility in the world.

Our snorkeling tours provide private and small group tours. The maneuverability of our low-capacity boats allows us to hit some beautiful spots that other tour groups have to miss. Our snorkeling packages range from shorter trips to longer adventures, including both sides of the island and whale watching.

If you’ve got your own group, our private charters can provide a special Red Line Rafting experience with a convenient South Maui departure area for a duration of up to five hours.

Redline Rafting Snorkeling: What You’ll See

With Red Line Rafting, you’ll be able to see many protective wildlife species. You can see turtles, dolphins, Raccoon Butterfly Fish, Trumpet Fish, Moorish Idols, Yellow Tangs, Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, and Moorish Idols. You’ll never forget the wonder of snorkeling here or the memories you’ll make with your traveling companions.

Why Choose Red Line Rafting?

Red Line Rafting receives consistently positive reviews and testimonials. Our awards include a 2019 Travelers’ Choice Award and a 2020 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. We’ve also earned a 2022 USA Today Top 3 Readers Choice’ “Best Boat Tour in the U.S.”

Sensitive to Maui’s delicate ecosystem and the impact tourism has on the people, plants, and animals of Hawai’i. We are certified by the Renewable Tourism Association of Hawai’i and take seriously our impact on the beautiful environment around us. On our tours, you will learn some essential tools for protecting, preserving, and observing the wildlife you encounter.

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