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What Should You Not Do While Snorkeling?

There’s nothing better than enjoying a day out on the water, snorkeling, and enjoying the beauty of the fish, coral, and underwater world. And there’s no place better to enjoy it than the lush waterways of the Hawaiian Islands. Kai Kanani, located in Maui, offers some of the most beautiful views from the ocean.

The company is family-owned by a Hawaiian family. The name of the business means “beautiful ocean,” and the native heritage believes in living life in balance. That means working hard and finding time to enjoy yourself when you’re not working. The company is just a short drive from Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului, and Paia.

What You Should Not Do While Snorkeling?

While snorkeling is enjoyable, you still need to be safe. If you haven’t done so before, you may want to get certified or at least take a class conducted at many resorts to help prepare for your snorkeling adventures.

The team at Kai Kanani will help you prepare for your adventure before you sail, and they’ll tell you what you need to bring and what to leave at home. They’ll make you comfortable in the water and ensure that you begin snorkeling only in calm, shallow waters.

Of course, being in the water is a serious business, so you should take it seriously.

  • Don’t forgo an equipment check
  • Don’t hold your breath
  • Float and don’t flail around: that’ll scare fish away
  • Don’t forget a life jacket
  • Be careful not to get water in your or others’ breathing tubes

To speak to someone call 808-879-7218. Kai Kanani is located at 108 Wailea Ike Dr Ste 1203, Wailea, HI 96753.

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