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NorthShore Zipline

North Shore Zipline in Maui allows visitors to create unforgettable outdoor memories they’ll carry for the rest of their lives. Located just 25 minutes from Kahului Airport, Maui’s North Shore Zipline offers singles, couples, and families a thrilling two-hour course through the lush Hawaiian flora at a historic World War II site.

As a family-owned and operated Maui zipline company, North Shore Zipline ensures you and your loved ones have a safe and exhilarating experience. The professionals who help you feel the adrenaline rush high above the Maui jungle are safety-trained and certified. You will wear the best safety zipline gear possible, letting you relax and be in the moment. North Shore Zipline is also a laid-back, no-pressure operation. If you schedule a Maui zipline tour and decide it’s not the right day, expect a full refund and an open invitation to soar when ready.

People who visit Hawaii’s third-largest island are taken aback by the picturesque landscapes, exotic beaches, and awe-inspiring mountain views. When you strap on your harness and zipline through the North Shore, you’ll see it all from an entirely different vantage point. Imagine the clear views of the Pacific Ocean from great heights or the Maui jungle upside-down on a flowing zipline. The freestyle zipline exploration allows you to soar backward, sideways, or flat through Maui!

It’s essential for people who travel to Hawaii and zipline in Maui to return home with something to remind them of the excitement and beauty. Rather than snap a selfie, North Shore Zipline offers candid, professional-grade photography and automatic video highlights of you and yours immersed in the excitement. You may leave the surf, sand, and sun behind when you leave Maui, but the images and videos of your North Shore Zipline adventure will remind you how you felt for years.

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