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What Do I Need to Go Sailing?

Kai Kanani is a marine sailing and snorkeling tour company working in South Maui and the Wailea-Makena area for more than 30 years. We asked their top executives what we would need to go sailing in tropical waters for either day trips or for up to a week at a time. Here’s what they recommended.

What You Need to Know To Go Sailing

The first thing to obtain before heading out on a sailboat is a brief education in seafaring. The first thing to understand is how the sail functions. The wind is used to push against one side of the sail, creating a high-pressure zone on one side and a low-pressure zone on the other. To operate the sail, you’ll need a professional on board with you, or you’ll need training from a certified instructor. You should know how to manage your lines (ropes) and be able to tie and untie them quickly and securely. With some practice at home, anyone can begin to get the hang of it. While you’re at it, have a look at this basic sailing quiz primer to learn some important nautical terms you’ll need to go sailing.

What You Need to Go Sailing

When you choose Kai Kanani, we’ll make certain that you have everything you need to go sailing. Still, it’s a good idea to know what kind of gear is best to bring with you for your first time on the water.

  • Wetsuit: A good wetsuit will keep you warm, protect you from jellyfish somewhat, and won’t get in the way. It can also add buoyancy.
  • Waterproof Spray Top: This will help keep sea spray and other splashing water from soaking you down.
  • Sailing Gloves: Many things can give you friction burns and pinch your hands on a sailboat. Sailing gloves will enhance your grip and offer protection.
  • Sailing Boots: Traction is critical in a wet environment. Sailing boots are water-resistant, light, and give good traction.
  • A Buoyancy Aid: Even if you’re a strong swimmer, falling in the water when tired or when you don’t expect to is dangerous. A good buoyancy aid can save your energy and save your life.

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