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Maui Aviators

The natural beauty of Hawaii is unlike anything else on Earth, and it is important to take in everything that the islands have to offer during your vacation. That is where Maui Aviators could be helpful. This is an aircraft rental company and flight school located in Kahului in Maui, HI. There are numerous opportunities for flights, lessons, and sightseeing with the professionals from Maui Aviators, and this is something that everyone could take advantage of, regardless of flight training or experience.

Discovery Flights

You do not necessarily need to know how to fly a plane to take advantage of opportunities provided by Maui Aviators. One of the most popular options is a discovery flight. During this flight, attendees will fly with a certified flight instructor who will take the passengers on a guided tour of Maui and the surrounding area. The instructor will point out beautiful locations along the way, such as mountains, rolling hills, and important historical sites. This is also a chance to see the beautiful rainforests of Hawaii. Don’t forget some sunglasses!

Then, the instructor will fly over the ocean as well. This is a chance for everyone to see what the blue water looks like from the air, in addition to spotting whales, dolphins, and other animals in the ocean below.

Flight Training

Maui Aviators also offers flight training. This is an opportunity for people with a few lessons under their belt to get some flying time on the log. Furthermore, there are lessons available for beginners. Even someone who doesn’t have any experience flying a plane can sign up for a few beginner lessons. If you have ever dreamed of flying a plane, this is a great opportunity to learn how to do so.

There are plenty of opportunities available, so everyone should consider taking a look at the gorgeous Hawaiian Islands through the lens of a pilot. Do not forget to wear a pair of aviator sunglasses from Maui Jim while in the air! Consider signing up for flight lessons, or an aerial tour!

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