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Karen Lei’s Gallery

Karen Lei’s Gallery is a specialty shop in Wailuku, Hawaii. This gallery is a place that showcases a large variety of Maui arts and crafts. Highlighting projects from over 100 local artists, the gallery features such as paintings, jewelry, sculptures, and much more for casual viewing or purchase. This out-of-the-way spot overlooks Kahakuloa and is hidden behind Elephant Rock.

Karen Lei’s Gallery has built up a robust collection of local artists (now over 100) for visitors to enjoy. This makes the gallery an excellent location for gifts and souvenirs specific to the Maui area. Unique pieces of jewelry, woodwork, and metalwork are all available, letting you bring a piece of this inspirational location back home with you. Prints of your favorite gallery pieces are also available should you fall in love with any of the artists’ work. There is also a bevy of more standard souvenir options, such as t-shirts and welcome signs.

For anyone visiting this island, this is a great scenic place to visit and enjoy the view. Patrons biking on the island will be especially appreciative of this convenient stopping point for refreshments and rest. The very knowledgeable owner can give you detailed information on the surrounding culture and life, giving you more insight into the available pieces in the gallery.

In addition to gallery displays, you are privy to the fantastic vistas surrounding Kahakuloa. There are breathtaking views of the nearby oceans and mountains in every direction at the top of this small perch, making this spot a must-visit for any tourists or curious locals.

Karen Lei’s Gallery is built on a 150-acre ranch and represents one of the only stopping points on the 7093 highway. Karen Lei is a passionate owner trying to display the beauty of her home to her customers. This oasis is the perfect spot to rest up and educate yourself on the local lifestyle. The many represented artists work to paint a complete picture of how living in such a beautiful area influences the local way of life.

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