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Can You Give Food to the Whales on a Tour?

Whale-watching tours are peak experiences in many people’s lives, and it’s natural to want to get the most from the occasion. However, it’s important to prioritize the health and safety of these magnificent creatures as well as that of others on the tour boat. Feeding them is strictly off-limits — here’s why.

Your Food Isn’t Healthy for Whales

Whales consume a diet of fish, plankton, krill, and other goodies found in the ocean. Larger whales even eat sharks, seals, sea birds, and large fish. As predators, whales are used to eating live food. Most people tend to bring snack items on whale-watching tours, and these are simply not healthy for the whales. They may eat any snacks offered to them out of curiosity, but this food has no nutritional value for the whales. An occasional cookie, chip, or even a whole sandwich isn’t likely to harm a whale’s health. However, a steady diet of these items will result in a different outcome.

Feeding Whales Acclimates Them to Human Activity

Whales that get used to being given tasty treats by tour boat passengers will become used to human activity. They may even begin approaching the tour boats to get handouts, which puts everyone in danger. Whales may inadvertently knock the boat over, for instance, or cause big waves that cause passengers to fall into the ocean. Whales can also pass on bacteria that cause infectious diseases.

This doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to enjoy a whale-watching excursion. Contact Kai Kanani Sailing for more information on what will be one of the most fascinating experiences of your life.

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