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Can You Bring a Camera and Take Pictures on a Snorkel Tour?

When going on a snorkeling adventure, you likely want to do what you can to preserve the memory of your dive. But are you allowed to bring a camera with you underwater? Here are a few tips to keep in mind before your snorkel tour.

1. Check with Your Tour Guide

Each tour company will have different rules and regulations around underwater photography. Check with your tour guide look up your tour company’s policies regarding underwater equipment, and see if they have any recommendations for cameras.

2. Bring High-Quality Equipment

If your guide gives you the OK to bring along a camera on your snorkel tour, then make sure you’ve invested in a high-quality underwater camera that won’t be ruined during the dive. Make sure you are familiar with the camera so you don’t struggle to take photos when the time arrives.

3. Test Out Your Equipment

Taking a picture on land is easy enough, but underwater you will have your bulky suit and gloves to deal with. Make sure you know how to press the capture button, or how to leave your camera on record during the snorkel trip.

4. Don’t Irritate the Group

Odds are you won’t be diving alone, and if your photo opportunities get in the way of others who want to enjoy a camera-free dive, you can risk angering your group. Be respectful of the environment and other people’s experiences.

5. See if the Company Is Providing Photos

Some snorkeling companies will take pictures of the group and have them available for sale or included as part of your package. If purchasing or using a camera on your own seems too complicated, check with your guide for other options.

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