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Snorkeling in Maui is a fun and exciting activity that people from around the world come to enjoy. However, snorkeling and all other boating activities come with inherent risks. To mitigate those risks, most tour outfitters will require all guests to have a basic understanding of English before boarding.

If you are asking, “Do I need to be able to understand English to participate in the snorkeling tour?”, the short answer is “Yes.” But that’s not to say we don’t enthusiastically welcome non-English speakers! You do not need to be fluent in English to come aboard our snorkeling or other boating tours. However, we do require a basic understanding of English for all our guests. Guests need to understand general instructions in English for our team members to explain risks and directions, so everyone can enjoy a safe and fun experience with us! Once you get into the water, hand gestures will largely be the way each of us communicates.

You will need a basic understanding of English vocabulary to understand the risks, including both general boating and tour-specific risks. For example, snorkeling tour guides will need to explain how to safely enter and exit the boat, what currents to expect, any special water conditions (such as sharp rocks beneath), how far one can swim from the boat, jellyfish warnings, and similar alerts.

If you are able to understand English but have problems speaking it, that is okay! Our team can work with you, as long as you can follow necessary warnings and recommendations to ensure everyone on the tour enjoys a safe and fun snorkeling experience in the beautiful waters of Maui.

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Maui has a rich underwater landscape, wonderful for snorkeling. Snorkeling is overall an easy activity that can be picked up and enjoyed by people of all ages and swimming levels. Unfortunately, snorkeling is not welcoming to those who need to wear eyeglasses.

You can certainly try to don a snorkel mask with your glasses, but it rarely works out well. Snorkel masks must fit tightly, without any air gaps around your face. They can only effectively prevent water from leaking in by forming watertight suction against your face. The long arms on glasses stretching from the lenses to the ears make it impossible for most snorkel masks to fit snugly—without that, you will have to deal with salt water leaking in, causing blurry vision and potentially stinging eyes.

The good news is that there are solutions for the many people frustrated with this limitation. You can opt for contacts while swimming, of course, but many people are not comfortable doing so. Instead, the best solution is to combine snorkel masks with corrective lenses in the following ways.

  • You can purchase or rent specialty snorkel masks with built-in recesses to drop in and secure corrective eyeglass lenses. This is the best snorkeling solution for those with different prescriptions for each eye as it allows for customization. However, you will need to buy your eyeglass lenses separately for use in a rental or order them when purchasing a mask.
  • You can purchase or rent snorkel masks with corrective lenses already installed. Here in Maui, there are several snorkel and dive rental outfits that offer a variety of snorkel masks with corrective lenses available for rent to help resolve this common challenge.

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Whale watching is one of the best water activities for Maui visitors who love sailing. With so many whales to watch, including blue and gray whales, you’ll probably want to catch most of them and not miss the fantastic sights. But what’s the best time of day to go whale watching?

There’s no best time to go whale watching, because you can go any time, depending on what you expect to see. Here is a breakdown of different times of day and what they mean for your whale-watching adventures.


As far as the sea conditions are concerned, morning can be the best time to go whale watching. The sea is usually calmer and more peaceful in the morning. There’s generally less wind at this time, which means you’ll experience a smoother ride. Because of the calmness, you’ll easily spot whales from a distance, as they won’t be competing with the waves.


If you’re not an early bird, an afternoon time can still work well for your whale-watching adventures. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., the chilly morning weather is already gone and the sun is out. You’ll be much warmer and in a good mood to take pictures.


For those who prefer sailing around sunset, the evening can still work for whale watching. Whale activities are usually unpredictable, and evening can be the time when you catch the best action. Imagine how it would feel to catch the sight of a whale at sunset.

So the best time for watching whales is when you feel like it, even if you want to do it from sunrise to sunset. Whales don’t have a schedule for their activities, and you can see them at any time. It all depends on the time you prefer to sail and the season.

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Wailuku, Hawaii

Maui’s county seat is Wailuku (also known as Pūʻalikomohana), which can be found near the island’s north coast just west of the central region. Like each area in Maui, Wailuku has its own personality. Rather than sandy beaches found in some locales in Hawaii, Wailuku offers all the green spaces, lava and rock formations, and local businesses that you could want. It’s also a great destination for history lovers and those who love tropical weather.

Nestled in the Mountains of Maui, Hawaii

The door to the scenic Iao Valley (Kepaniwai) at the base of West Maui Volcano (Mauna Kahalawai and Hale Mahina), Wailuku, has become a popular tourist destination in Hawaii and the island of Maui. The city is situated entirely within the lush Iao Valley State Park, where a natural formation known as Iao Valley Needle sits. Wailuku is also easily accessed from the nearby Kahului Airport, which services local and international travelers in nearby Kahului City.

Wailuku stretches the definition of a city, and we don’t mean that in a negative way! On the contrary, Old Town Wailuku has often been described as quaint and commended for its small-town charm even as it grew. Wailuku has a population of just under 18,000 residents from diverse backgrounds, some of whom make and sell traditional goods.

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