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First things first: if you are planning on going snorkeling with our Maui charter, you should bring a bathing suit! Choose a bathing suit you will be comfortable swimming in for a couple of hours. If you are prone to sunburns, we recommend bringing a swim shirt to wear while swimming as well. Swim shirts rated UPF 50+ offer exceptional protection from the sun’s rays while you are above and below the water’s surface.

If you are going on one of our other types of Molokini and Maui charters, such as our sunset sail or whale-watching tour, swim shirts can still come in handy. But more generally, the clothing you should wear on these tours would be comfortable shorts or pants during the winter months. High winds, especially when we are under sail, can make dresses and skirts less practical. We recommend wearing leggings beneath either if you do choose to wear them. Those coming on a snorkeling tour should pack such clothes to wear before and after the in-the-water experience.

We also recommend all guests aboard our catamarans bring a light jacket or sweater. This is especially true during winter and for those who otherwise get cold easily. For summer snorkeling adventures, getting out of the warm water paired with the wind while traveling back ashore can cause chilliness and goosebumps. During sunset, late afternoon, and winter whale-watching sails, cooler winds out in the ocean likewise result in a desire to bundle up against the cold gusts.

Our final suggestion on this list of what clothing you should wear has to do with hair coverings. If you have longer hair, be sure to plan on needing a ponytail, headband, or hat! The same wind gusts that bring the “feels like” temperature down also frustratingly whip loose hair around.

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If you plan to visit Hawaii in 2022, make sure to add snorkeling or scuba diving to your calendar! These tours are your chance to get up close to ocean life. You could even see a whale! Of course, snorkeling is a new experience for most people, which is why Kai Kanani offers tours with experienced guides.

Currently, you can book up to 34 people on either the Signature Deluxe Snorkel or Sunrise Deluxe Snorkel tours, both of which visit Molokini Crater near Maui. The maximum headcount remains the same whether snorkelers are adults, children, or infants. These tour sizes are great news for small groups, couples, or single people, who may be able to reserve spots on a tour more spontaneously than larger groups. If you prefer, you can book a private boat, however.

When booking your snorkeling tour, keep in mind that party size isn’t the only thing to consider when scheduling your island adventures. For example, you can choose whether you will meet at Maluaka Beach or if a staff member will pick you up from your Maui hotel, which doesn’t increase the cost. The total is due when you make your reservation. However, there is a discounted price for children, and infants can join the snorkeling tour for free.

Finally, you need to choose whether you want a sunrise tour, complete with coffee and cinnamon rolls while enjoying the sunrise at Molokini, or a late-morning snorkeling trip if you’re not an early bird. Both tours offer a chance to get in the water, see the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, and enjoy refreshments.

Are you convinced your vacation needs to include a dive in the water? Don’t wait to schedule your next big adventure!

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Even though the idea of getting mugged doesn’t conjure up great thoughts, it is one of the best things that can happen when whale watching. During a trip, whale-watching boats are not permitted to get too close to the whales. However, there is nothing preventing the whales from willingly approaching the boat. That is what happens when mugging takes place on a tour.

The Boat Must Stay Put

During a whale-watching tour, a boat captain is not allowed to bring the boat within 50 meters of a whale. Once the boat reaches this distance, the captain may turn off the engine. Then, out of curiosity, the whales might approach to take a closer look. This behavior is called whale mugging, and regulations prevent the captain from moving the boat during this event. The boat is not allowed to leave until the whales swim away willingly. In some cases, this may only take a minute. In other cases, the whales may linger much longer.

What Passengers Should Do When Whales Approach

Getting mugged by whales is not dangerous. This is a sign that the whales are very comfortable with the boat, and it is often accompanied by another unique behavior. It’s called “spy hopping,” and it takes place when whales pick their heads up out of the water. They do this so they can see what is going on around them, including on the boat. This is the perfect opportunity for boat passengers to take pictures.

Have a Camera Ready When Whales Get Close

Passengers do not need to be worried when whales approach the boat. They would not get close if they didn’t feel relaxed. Simply get the camera ready and enjoy a unique experience!

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Wailea-Makena, Hawaii

South Maui is one of the most coveted parts of all the Hawaiian isles, and it is home to over 1,500 acres of resorts, attractions, and luxurious, crescent-shaped beaches. While this community is only 30 minutes from the Kahului Airport and 40 minutes from Lahaina, it exudes a sense of serenity and privacy.

While it can seem secluded compared to the hustle and bustle of more populous cities such as Waikiki—which is three times the size—Wailea-Makena has plenty of amenities to offer. This is a prime location for both opportunities for beach adventures and boating activities in a prime oceanside location.

Those who want to travel to this paradise will feel the magic of Hawaii with activities that can include sailing, crater snorkeling, diving experiences, whale-watching tours, deep-sea fishing charters, sunset boat dinner tours on the sea, private couples resort spa treatments, and so much more.

Signature beaches in the Wailea-Makena area include Wailea Beach, Ulua Beach Park, La Perouse Bay, and the coastline at the Ahini-Kinau Natural Reserve area, where snorkeling the inland lava fields is a haven for explorers. Sure, there are also plenty of golfing opportunities and places to indulge in local fare and cultural experiences, but the best action happens in the ocean surrounding Maui!

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