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Unforgettable Boat Tours in Maui

No island experience is complete without a boat tour. There’s nothing like romantic sunset cruises or whale watching with friends to create lasting memories. Boat tours offer a unique sightseeing experience as you cruise the island from a few miles offshore. If you want a once-in-a-lifetime boat touring experience, book a Kai Kanani catamaran tour or cruise.


Maui’s world-famous Molokini Crater is home to a flourishing coral reef that attracts thousands of fish and marine life. The crater rises some 300 feet from the ocean floor and is about a half-mile wide. The rocky crater protects the waters and maintains a pristine clarity for up to 150 miles. No Maui experience is complete without a snorkeling adventure with Kai Kanani. With their special license, Kai Kanani has more access to the crater and its sanctuary preserve than other boat tour agencies.

Sunset Sailing

There’s nothing like a sunset sail. The ocean quiets as the sun makes its way to the edge of the world. A refreshing breeze accompanies the changing temperature as day turns to night. It’s easy to see why sailors fall in love with the sea. Kai Kanani’s catamaran adventure only adds to the experience. The two-hour sail features music, food, and an open bar. A sunset toast caps the adventure before a return to shore. Private charters are available for those wanting a personal island experience.

Whale Watching

Pacific humpback whales travel from their summer home along the coast of California to the Gulf of Alaska to spend their winters in the warmer waters of the South Pacific. Maui is part of that journey. Kai Kanani’s whale-watching adventure lets you watch whales as they spout water, slap their tails, and jump to unbelievable heights. Reserve a boat tour to listen to the songs of the humpback whales as they share their community with human observers. Whale watching is available from December through April while the whales are near the island.

Beach Loading

Beach loading is part of Kai Kanani’s catamaran experience. Adventurers walk from the beach through the water to board using lowered ladders. Once aboard, they are set to enjoy the wonders of south Maui. Because Maui, like most of Hawaii, lacks harbors, boat tours are often restricted to one of the three harbors on the northern part of the island. By beach loading, Kai Kanani’s guests spend more time enjoying the waters and less time traveling to and from locations such as the Molokini Crater.

It’s About the Journey

Kai Kanani believes that boat tours should begin the moment you step onboard. You shouldn’t have to navigate through busy harbors before experiencing what Maui has to offer. Whether it’s a private charter or a scheduled tour, Kai Kanani is a boat tour agency that offers the most unique adventurers on the island.

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Kai Kanani | Snorkel Tours for Beginners | Tips and Techniques for a Safe and Enjoyable Adventure

Are you excited, yet somewhat apprehensive about your first snorkeling adventure? Well, you can drop the apprehension and focus on the excitement, because snorkeling is a beautiful, fun, and safe experience that you’re sure to enjoy for the rest of your life. Read more now to learn helpful tips and techniques to ensure your best times in the water!

Snorkeling Tip #1: Take a Beginner’s Snorkeling Course

Especially if you are new to snorkeling, a beginner’s instruction course can be very helpful. You’ll learn the basics about the best gear, how to use it properly, snorkeling etiquette, safety in the water, and loads of helpful tips about how to get the most enjoyment out of the experience.

Snorkeling Tip #2: Mask Fit Is Important

Having a great view while snorkeling is critical for enjoyment. Ensure that you have a quality mask that fits you properly and that you understand how to use it effectively. Make sure the straps aren’t twisted, and keep them flat just above your ears. Wrap the strap around the thickest area of your head so it doesn’t keep slipping out of place and ruining your view!

Snorkeling Tip #3: It’s All About Breathing

Snorkeling is one of the most relaxing activities as long as you understand how to breathe properly. Practice with deep, slow, unrushed breaths. This is the key to meshing with your natural underwater environment and becoming one with the sea creatures.
Visit Kai Kanani to learn more about snorkel tours for beginners and helpful tips and techniques to help you enjoy a safer and more rewarding snorkeling experience. We’re here to help!

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Sightseeing Tour Agency – Let Us Show You What’s Out There.

To say that the long-lasting impact of a whale-watching trip is enormous is something of an understatement. Not only do most people come away with a better understanding of whales themselves, but they also have a greater appreciation for nature in general. Before you book your next thrilling adventure, there are several key things to know, even down to the type of shoes you should wear.

Whale Watching Safety: Shoes and More

By far, the most important thing to know is that you should be wearing flat, comfortable shoes while whale watching. It isn’t necessarily because you’ll be covering a lot of ground—you’re on a boat, after all. You will be on your feet for an extended period while you wait for the whales to make their presence known, so you should take that into account for stamina purposes alone.

In terms of safety, you should wear rubber-soled sneakers if possible. Some boat tour companies may even require this. If you’ve never been on a boat before, you may not realize how slippery the deck can become—and quickly. You should try to avoid slipping and hurting yourself on board, and rubber-soled sneakers will go a long way toward preventing that.

Beyond that, it’s not recommended to wear open shoes like sandals, although depending on the boat tour company you’re working with, they may not specifically forbid it. Still, be sure to prepare yourself adequately and get ready to have the time of your life.

If you’d like to learn more about the types of shoes you can comfortably and safely wear while whale watching or if you’d just like to talk about your expectations with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay—contact us today.

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Puunene, Hawaii

Puunene, Hawaii, is located about four miles south of the Kahului Airport on the island of Maui. It’s an unincorporated community with a population of around 50 people. Sugar cane was its primary industry from 1848 through 2016. Since 2016, the land has been used to increase local food production.

Puunene is home to the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum and the historic Puunene School. The Sugar Museum is located in the home of the manager of the Puunene Sugar Mill, which was across the street from the mill. The Museum presents the history of the sugarcane industry, including its impact on the indigenous population.

The Puunene School was built on 10 acres in 1922. It was the largest elementary school on the island, with close to 1,000 students. After WWII, the building went into decline and was turned into an administrative annex in 1979. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in Hawaii in August 2000 for the role it played in Hawaiian history.

Puunene has over 100 vacation properties within a 25-mile radius. Marriott and Hilton operate hotels, with many vacation clubs offering a range of accommodations. Vacation rentals and boutique hotels are also available.

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