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What Is the Difference Between a Catamaran and a Regular Sailboat?

A private sailing tour or boat charters are the best way to travel around the islands during sunset. Even a day sightseeing cruise offers tourists the chance to enjoy Maui from a different perspective. But, you may wonder what is the best way to set sail that doesn’t involve the expense of a yacht but offers hours of cruising adventures.

Renting a catamaran for a day is a very popular and fun way to enjoy private or chartered trips on the open ocean. And, while both sailboats and a catamaran look somewhat similar, they have big differences. The main difference is that a sailboat has a single hull (or monohull) that is the center compartment of the entire vessel.

Another important difference is that a catamaran offers a smoother and more pleasant seafaring adventure. When you charter a catamaran, you will enjoy more comfort when compared to a trip on a sailboat. When you partner with a reputable catamaran sailing tour operator, they will be aware of current weather and forecasted ocean conditions, so you can enjoy sweet sailing in the Pacific Ocean.

A catamaran features two parallel hulls that give the vessel a greater amount of stability. Unlike some sailboats, a catamaran will have no living or dining space, but depending on the size and type of the catamaran, an area is available for seated passengers or for standing guidance of the vessel.

There are types of catamarans. The first is a Pontoon that uses floats to support and smoothly guide the craft through average waves but should not be used in very choppy waters. The second is a SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) which is larger and can be used in the rough and open waters of the sea. Both types of catamarans are engine-powered and are much easier to guide and operate versus a sailboat.

Sailboats are recreational or competition vessels that require more trained skills for navigation. They are less likely to be used for group charters, fishing tours, or long cruises. On the other hand, even though catamarans can also be wind-powered with sails, they are typically motor-driven.

If you’re wondering which marine craft is best for your ocean cruise or island tour, think of a catamaran as a smaller and more unconventional yacht. It is purely for enjoying time on the open waters. You will have a smoother ride in a catamaran, which makes it best for enjoying other water sports while out.

Catamarans are also faster in general and getting to shore is a lot easier, which makes it the vessel of choice for snorkeling the Molokini Crater, sunset cruises, and whale-watching tours around Maui. Looking to book your next great sailing tour while vacationing in Keokea, Hawaii, contact Kai Kanani Sailing for more information.

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Are you planning a vacation to the tropics? If so, you might want to go snorkeling. This is a great way to experience the open water while also gazing at some of the amazing plants and animals that live underneath the surface. Even though snorkeling is a lot of fun, you might be wondering how deep you can dive. What do you need to know about diving with a snorkel?

You Can Dive as Deep as You Want

When you go snorkeling, diving under the water is a great way to get a closer look at the plants and animals. You can dive as deep as you want; however, you will be limited by several factors. First, if you are wearing a life jacket, it will be hard for you to get any more than a few feet underneath the surface. If you are not wearing a life jacket, you can dive deeper, but you’ll need to clear your snorkel when you come up.

Clearing Your Snorkel When You Come Up

When you dive with a snorkel, you’ll get water in your snorkel. When you come up for air, you need to clear the water out of your snorkel so you can breathe again. All you have to do is exhale sharply through your mouth to blow the water out of the top of your snorkel. You may need to do this several times to clear all the water.

Partner with a Professional Team

Snorkeling is one of the most popular tropical activities in the local area; however, you also need to put safety first. If you don’t have strong swimming skills, you can still go snorkeling, but you may need to wear a life jacket. A professional team can still make sure you have an amazing adventure.

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Whale watching is a peak experience in many people’s lives. After all, seeing these magnificent creatures up close isn’t something that happens every day, and it can be tempting to get as close to them as possible. However, even though these giant sea mammals are not aggressive toward humans, there are some risks involved in getting too close to them. Furthermore, under federal law, it is illegal to come within 300 feet of certain species of whales, such as gray whales because doing so may cause the animals stress and disrupt their natural behavior. Common sense caution combined with a healthy respect for nature, however, keeps those on whale-watching expeditions safe. Here’s what you need to know:

Look, But Don’t Touch

One of the most compelling reasons not to reach out and touch a whale is that the animal may become startled — and startling these giants may come with unintended consequences. A flip of the fin in reaction to an unexpected touch could cause a great deal of injury. There is also the danger of passing on infectious bacteria to the whale. Although actual instances are rare, whales can also transmit a bacterial infection known as brucellosis to humans.

Best Whale-Watching Practices

The best way to enjoy these natural wonders is to find a reputable whale-watching tour company where expert guides will provide you with an adventure that’s both thrilling and safe.

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Keokea, Hawaii

Located in the coastal county of Maui, Hawaii, Keokea boasts a population of about 2,500 residents who enjoy a stunning view of the Mt. Haleakala slopes. The city of Keokea enjoys 8 months of pleasant weather with average temperatures ranging between 70-85°.

Both upscale private homes and coastal cottage real estate exist side-by-side for sale in Keokea. This small community located in the western Kula up-country region was originally settled by Chinese immigrants, and today features a good island population mix with a median household income of $98,000.

While residents enjoy an easy commute to good jobs all across Maui County, especially in retail and the trades, the city of Keokea boasts a strong agricultural community in ranching, farming, and forestry. Even though it is a small island community located in Maui County, the city does have a good mix of economical hotels and restaurants to support the tourism industry.

You’ll find plenty to do in and around Keokea, Hawaii, including island tours, sailing, honeymoon vacations, surfing and snorkeling, horseback riding, and great sightseeing attractions like park tours of the Lavender Botanical Garden, a pineapple grove, and artesian cheese shops.

If you’re looking for a unique vacation opportunity, consider island rentals that give you a real sense of island living. Next, set off on one of many fun catamaran sailing tours offered in the area, where you can enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery and a wide variety of water sports.

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